Artificial turf athletic soccer field we installed in Orlando, FL.

Sports & Athletic Synthetic Turf in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, & Other Florida Areas

Equip your sports field with synthetic turf that stays cool in the sun, boasts excellent drainage, and is certified to help protect against fall-related injuries.

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Athletic field turf in Florida, including Orlando, Miami, and other service areas.

Over 30 years of engineering has gone into our unique and durable artificial turf, which can handle the wear and tear of sporting activities.

We receive many requests for sports turf at gyms all over the Florida area.

Many sports complexes employ full-time grounds maintenance crews to keep their fields and training areas in pristine condition. With our synthetic turf, athletes will benefit from safety features and year-round perfection without the need for standard lawn and landscaping management.

Our team provides indoor or outdoor athletic surfaces for heavy use in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other surrounding areas in Florida.

Athletic & Sports Turf Products

Three Tough Artificial Grass Options for Sports Fields

Playground Extreme, fake grass for athletics.
Playground Extreme
Agility Elite, tough artificial turf for sports fields.
Agility Elite
Agility Elite w/ Foam, tough and soft synthetic grass for athletic fields.
Agility Elite w/ Foam

Low Maintenance Turf for Indoor Soccer, Running Tracks, Football, Batting Cages & More!

Artificial grass eliminates the need for typical groundskeeping services. With our manufacturer certified installations, you will be free from fertilizing, irrigation, mowing, weed control, aeration/seeding, and sod service.

In fact, full-service care for full-sized athletic fields can cost up to $30,000 a year! The annual savings can be passed on to other needs and your facility will be ready to use on a daily basis.

We typically install ProGreen synthetic turf for the following athletic surfaces:

  • Indoor Soccer
  • Running Tracks
  • Football / Flag Football
  • Batting Cages
  • Indoor Training Facilities (with safety padding)
  • Baseball Fields
  • Many Additional Athletic Surfaces

Our product drains about four times faster than other fake grasses, meaning you don't have to worry about excess mud or standing water.

Durable Artificial Grass Withstands Heavy Sports Play for Over 500 Hours of Use

Artificial turf installed inside batting cages at a sports training facility in Miami.

ProGreen has been in business since 1987, gaining important knowledge and making technological advances in the manufacturing and assembly process. Our three athletic surface turfs can sustain over 500 hours of play and have other important characteristics like:

  • Playground Extreme
    • Indoor/Outdoor Playgrounds & Sporting Areas
    • QuadriBIND™ primary backing for enhanced toughness during rough play
    • Urethane secondary backing
    • Perforations for water drainage
    • 1.25” pile height
    • 5’ to 10’ fall height rated by IPEMA for safety
    • 8-year warranty
  • Agility Elite
    • Indoor/Outdoor Sports Gym & Training Areas
    • QuadriBIND™ primary backing for enhanced toughness during rough play
    • Urethane secondary backing
    • Perforations for water drainage
    • 1.125” pile height
    • 8-year warranty
  • Agility Elite with Foam
    • Indoor/Outdoor Sports Gym & Training Areas
    • QuadriBIND™ primary backing for enhanced toughness during rough play
    • Urethane secondary backing
    • 5mm foam backing - no perforations
    • 1.125” pile height
    • 8-year warranty

Our products are certified for safety by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) to help protect athletes against fall-related injuries.

Anti-Sheen Properties Prevent Light Reflection, Organic Inlay Keeps Turf Cool

Our durable athletic turf is being put t the test by this girls' soccer game in %%targetarea5%%

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our turf looks and feels real. Our manufacturing process involves a special polymer, dual-fiber composition and a thatch yarn that has an uncanny resemblance to natural grass. We also produce turf that has an anti-sheen property to prevent the reflection of light seen in other products.

Beneath our turf is an organic green fill inlay that absorbs excess moisture, keeping the surface cool to the touch. Even the relentless Florida sun won’t cause our turf to overheat!

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