Fake grass installed in the backyard of a pool home located in Miami, FL.

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How Artificial Turf Creates the Best Play Environment

How Artificial Turf Creates the Best Play Environment

In Florida, we are blessed with weather that lets us enjoy the outdoors pretty much year-round. For children, this means getting to visit playgrounds at area parks, neighborhoods, or even in their own backyard. Playgrounds are a fun way to get out some energy, but no one likes having to stop to get mulch out of shoes or worry about ant piles in the middle of a swing set area!

A great way to ensure that playgrounds are as safe as possible for children is to install ProGreen artificial turf instead of other natural surfaces. Here are reasons why you should consider adding our synthetic turf to your playground located in and around Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other Florida cities.

Artificial Turf is Rated for Safety to Protect Against Fall-Related Injuries

Fake grass at this Miami playground helps to protect against head injuries.

Our artificial turf products have been certified to help protect against fall-related injuries, particularly head injuries, by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). We can also add in extra padding if requested.

Natural surfaces, like real grass, don’t offer those benefits. Both are not shock absorbent and will not aid in lessening the impact of a fall. It is possible that mulch or sand would, but that’s only when it’s correctly applied and hasn’t been moved around by rainfall or wear and tear.

Synthetic Grass Drains Quickly, Cleans Easily

When it rains, natural grass gets muddy and messy, as it doesn’t drain...

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