In Florida, we are blessed with weather that lets us enjoy the outdoors pretty much year-round. For children, this means getting to visit playgrounds at area parks, neighborhoods, or even in their own backyard. Playgrounds are a fun way to get out some energy, but no one likes having to stop to get mulch out of shoes or worry about ant piles in the middle of a swing set area!

A great way to ensure that playgrounds are as safe as possible for children is to install ProGreen artificial turf instead of other natural surfaces. Here are reasons why you should consider adding our synthetic turf to your playground located in and around Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other Florida cities.

Artificial Turf is Rated for Safety to Protect Against Fall-Related Injuries

Fake grass at this Miami playground helps to protect against head injuries.

Our artificial turf products have been certified to help protect against fall-related injuries, particularly head injuries, by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). We can also add in extra padding if requested.

Natural surfaces, like real grass, don’t offer those benefits. Both are not shock absorbent and will not aid in lessening the impact of a fall. It is possible that mulch or sand would, but that’s only when it’s correctly applied and hasn’t been moved around by rainfall or wear and tear.

Synthetic Grass Drains Quickly, Cleans Easily

When it rains, natural grass gets muddy and messy, as it doesn’t drain moisture away quickly. This means there’s less play time and less time to enjoy the weather after the storms pass through. Even if kids do head out to the playground after the rain, it generally involves a muddy mess for parents to clean up later from their homes or cars.

With fake grass, that issue goes away. ProGreen synthetic turf is engineered to drain up to 400 inches of water per hour. So when the storms clear and it’s safe to go play again, kids have a clean, clear surface for play.

ProGreen's turf drainage capabilities also make it simple and easy to clean off the turf whenever cleaning is needed!

Fake Turf Poses Less of a Risk, Creates an Inclusive Play Environment

Many children suffer from seasonal allergies or a specific grass allergy, making it more difficult for them to access all playgrounds. With fake grass, that problem is taken care of, as there is no pollen coming from the playground surface to aggravate allergies. Real grass also provides a natural habitat for insects that kids may be allergic to, such as ants or yellow jackets. Bugs do not nest in artificial grass, so that danger also goes away.

Others may have disabilities that make it tougher for them to navigate a playground with mulch as its surface cover. Wheelchairs cannot easily make it around a mulched play area, while artificial turf presents them with a flat surface.

Artificial Grass Stays Cool, Reduces Maintenance Costs, & Is Customizable

This playground in Tampa, FL has artificial turf installed.

We have engineered our product to stay cool to the touch even in direct sunlight, protecting tiny feet and hands from the heat. Other artificial turf brands can get hot in the sun, and in Florida, that happens a lot.

You also don’t have to worry about maintaining our fake turf. Real grass requires mowing, fertilizing, and more. Wood chips require replenishment every year. Our products come with an 8-year warranty, even when they encounter heavy foot traffic.

We can also make our synthetic turf different colors, which can be a great option for children's play areas as it looks inviting and encourages imagination!

Do you want to create a safe, beautiful playground area with artificial turf?

Our dealers are available at (407) 512-8233 to discuss your playground turf options with you. We service many areas throughout the state of Florida, including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and more!