Artificial turf installed at a trade show in Tampa, FL.

Commercial Artificial Turf in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, & Other Florida Areas

Install low-maintenance, always-green synthetic grass for your hotel, restaurant, courtyard, daycare, and other businesses in Florida.

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Synthetic turf for commercial properties around the state of Florida.

Our products can be found in the regions of Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and other Florida cities like Jacksonville.

Common area at a shopping plaza in Miami that artificial turf was installed.

We have been part of the synthetic turf industry for over 30 years, gaining knowledge, innovative technology, and strategies to provide top-of-the-line turf products to our commercial customers. At ProGreen, we are committed to providing a turf that you can rely on for years.

Natural grass requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep grass staying healthy. With artificial turf, you can depend on a product that is engineered to look like real grass, but without much maintenance.

Commercial Turf Products

3 Commercial-Grade Artificial Grass Options

Natural Real Prime - Synthetic turf for businesses.
Natural Real Prime
Natural Real Preferred, Commercial-Grade Fake Grass
Natural Real Preferred
K9 Deluxe 60, Artificial turf made for dogs and pets.
K9 Deluxe 60

Fake Grass Reduces the Amount Spent on Lawn Maintenance and Water Usage

All artificial turf comes with three main benefits that can help businesses save time and money on keeping the exterior of their properties looking great.

  1. Low-maintenance fake grass allows your company to save thousands of dollars each year.
  2. Saving water is a huge advantage, especially when water restrictions are in place. Artificial turf eliminates the need for watering the grass and contributes to conserving natural resources.
  3. Vibrant pops of color with artificial grass bring a beautiful landscape to your property and look great all year round with minimal effort.

Our color vibrancy extends beyond our natural green turf and includes colored turf and customized patterns or designs, which are all available at our Florida locations.

Long-Lasting Synthetic Turf Can Be Installed at Dog Kennels, Parks, & Pool Decks

A hotel in Tampa with synthetic turf install on the pool deck.

Anywhere you can imagine a need for beautiful grass or indoor ground covering artificial lawns is somewhere that we can install our fake grass products. At ProGreen, we have worked with many commercial industries that are looking to invest in their property in a natural-looking way. Some of our previous applications have included:

  • Pool decks at hotels
  • Play yards at dog kennels or dog parks at condos and hotels
  • Athletic fields for schools
  • Playgrounds at daycare facilities
  • Landscaping
  • Rooftop or patio restaurants and bars
  • Trade show booth flooring
  • Window displays
  • Trampoline parks, indoor soccer facilities, running tracks, and more!

How ProGreen Beats Out the Other Artificial Turf Competitors

We have put a lot of time, effort, and design into our product line to make them stand out in the industry. What makes ProGreen a leading name in artificial grass is our devotion to innovating and creating the best product possible.

Superior ProFlow Drainage System

Our patent-pending drainage system has the capacity to drain at 400 inches per hour, which is over 100% more effective than the standard turf drains at 60 inches per hour. We have designed our products to have a completely porous backing giving your lawn successful drainage at all times.

Durable Dual Fiber Creation

We use quality, durable dual fiber sports pedigree fibers that are made to last two times longer than the current standard on the market. This allows your fake grass to have high-performance, high-longevity, and durability that withstands excessive foot traffic.

Certified for Safety of Athletes, Kids, & Pets

We are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, which is especially important if you are looking at our synthetic turf for your school playgrounds, sports arenas, or anywhere where heights or falls could be an issue. IPEMA certified products can protect anywhere from a 5' to a 9' fall height and create a safe environment for athletes, kids, and pets.

Stays Cool Even in Direct Sunlight

ProGreen products are created with an organic green fill inlay that is meant to absorb water and keep your turf cool even in the hottest conditions. You will not have to worry about paws getting uncomfortable or walking with bare feet.

Our turf products are made in the USA and distributed through authorized dealers!

Our products are 100% made in the United States. We bring in fibers from Alabama and our manufacturing warehouse is in Georgia. Our products are shipped nationwide and provide jobs and investment opportunities throughout the country.

We work with dealers around the state of Florida, in popular regions such as Orlando, Miami, and Tampa to provide and install our products. Our authorized dealers are experts in the artificial turf industry and are trained directly through the manufacturer.

All commercial installations come backed by an 8-year warranty!

Invest in your business and see a huge ROI from your installed artificial turf!

Get in touch with us today by calling (407) 512-8233 and let us help you find the product that is right for your commercial space or connect you with a local Florida dealer.

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