Artificial turf at a commercial dog kennel in central Florida.

Artificial Turf For Pets & Dogsin Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, & Other Florida Areas

Our pet-friendly turf stays cool in all conditions to protect paws and drains 400 inches of water per hour to effectively prevent piling up of pet waste on your yard.

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Pet-friendly turf for residential and commercial areas across Florida.

Our ProFlow drainage system allows our synthetic pet turf to drain quickly and has the capacity to handle pet waste at pet kennels, dog parks, dog runs, and more!

Pet owners and those in the pet industry know there are many aspects of natural grass that can cause harm or irritations to our four-legged friends. At ProGreen, we put our heads together to create a synthetic turf that is changing the game for the pet industry and pet owners alike. Our synthetic turf helps protect your pets and dogs.

Our Pet Turf Products

Two Options for Dog-Friendly Fake Grass

K9 Deluxe 60 - Artificial Turf For Dogs
K9 Deluxe 60
K9 Champion DF, Fast-Draining Fake Grass for Dogs
K9 Champion DF

Synthetic Turf Means No More Pests, Digging, or Chemicals in Your Yard

Synthetic turf strips away the hazards that both your yard and pets face on a daily basis.

  • Prevents exposure to chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • Keeps your pet free from lawn pests, such as fleas, ticks, and ants
  • Keeps them clean and mud free
  • Gives them a safe environment to run and let their energy go
  • Pet waste is easy to clean and leaves no stains or smells

The best thing of all is that your new turf will remain intact with no holes in the yard, no tracks dug in from constant running, and look beautiful at all times.

Our turf is built to withstand the high-traffic energy of pets and dogs, especially our K9 Deluxe 60 product.

How Our Fake Grass Benefits You and Your Pets

At ProGreen, we have worked endlessly for over 30 years to become the experts on artificial grass. During this time, we have perfected our products to provide premium benefits to our customers, both humans and animals.

Our organic green fill layer and dual-fiber production are designed with soft paws in mind.

Hard surfaces, rough surfaces, and hot surfaces can all have adverse effects on your animals. We kept this in mind when designing our turf by adding in both our organic green fill layer and dual fibers.

The organic green fill layer helps to keep the grass cool and comfortable that makes it easy for dogs and pets to run and play for hours in the hot Florida sun. This layer also helps with water absorbency keeping both your pup's paws and grass dry.

Dual-fiber production utilizes quality sports pedigree fibers and landscaping fibers together to create a product that is extremely durable and soft. It beats out the longevity of other similar products by lasting two times the length of standard turfgrass products.

Our ProFlow drainage system is a dream for the pet industry.

Urine can cause dead patches in your natural grass and if you're a doggy daycare with lots of pet waste to keep up with, that can get tiring. With our patent-pending ProFlow drainage technology implemented in all our products, you never have to worry about this.

ProFlow was designed with a completely porous backing, which helps the turf drain at a capacity of 400 inches per hour, whereas the standard turf capacity is 60 inches per hour. This technology is one-of-a-kind.

Synthetic pet turf installed in a pet hotels dog run.

Artificial Turf Can Be Used at a Variety of Pet Facilities, Including Dog Parks and Shelters

Pet facilities working with multiple pets and dogs have a need for a reliable and long-lasting turf. Because of this, we back all of our commercial products with an 8-year warranty at installation.

ProGreen works with a hand-selected group of dealers who we personally train and certify to install our products. Our dealers are nationwide and available to help with your turf design, quote, and installation.

Some of the most commonly used pet facilities that could benefit from our synthetic grass include:

  • Boarding facilities
  • Dog parks
  • Military training facilities
  • Pet-friendly restaurants or bars
  • Animal or humane shelters
  • Vet clinics
  • Pet agility courses
  • Dog runs
  • Cat condos

Call us for unparalleled pet-friendly turf products made right here in the USA!

We are conscious of our efforts to provide a product that exceeds our customers' needs while fueling the American economy. Our work over the past few decades has provided thousands of commercial and residential facilities with artificial turf that is reliable, low-maintenance, and provides a long-lasting, beautiful color to your property.

Call us at (407) 512-8233 and work with one of our Florida dealers in Orlando, Miami, or Tampa on your dog and pet turf installation.

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