A playground at a park in Florida that our team installed synthetic turf at.

Artificial Playground Grass

Our IPEMA-certified fake grass provides children a safe place to play that also stays cool to the touch even in direct sunlight.

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Synthetic turf for playground surfaces in Orlando, Miami, and other Florida areas.

Our specially engineered synthetic playground turf is certified for safety and falls by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

Playground in Orlando, FL with our IPEMA Certified safety turf.

Children often suffer scraped knees, bumped heads, and falls on typical playground equipment, but the technology behind ProGreen synthetic turf helps reduce the severity and frequency of such injuries.

We’ve developed a dual-fiber, special polymer product with additional padding that looks and feels like natural grass. On top of built-in safety features, our turf comes with enhanced drainage technology to keep things clean and dry. We provide excellent service in many parts of Florida, including the Orlando, Miami, and Tampa areas.

Playground Turf Products

The top artificial grass for safety.

Optimum Play DF, IPEMA Safety-Certified Synthetic Playground Turf
Optimum Play DF
Playground Extreme, IPEMA Certified Fake Grass for Playgrounds
Playground Extreme

Safe, Always Green Synthetic Turf Playground Product For Churches, HOAs, Schools, & Parks

The Florida sun can be brutal, and the thunderstorms severe. But our product is specifically engineered to tolerate both conditions, and also stays green in full shade. Our turf is soft to the touch to reduce the knee and elbow scrapes that occur on other synthetic surfaces.

Our Optimum Play DF line is made in America, and ideal for churches, HOAs, schools, and parks.

Optimum Play DF Features:

  • 1.25” - Pile Height
  • QuadriBIND™ - primary backing for enhanced durability during rough play and high traffic.
  • ProFlow - patent-pending, secondary backing made with a porous material for maximum drainage of 400 in. per hour
  • No Perforations - Typical turf is hole-punched for drainage, leading to clogs and puddling. Our ProFlow system provides more efficient drainage without blockage or damage.
  • Warranty - 8-year warranty for commercial applications
  • Low-Maintenance - No need for lawn care, irrigation, or landscaping surfaces
  • 5’ to 10’ Fall Height - IPEMA certified with 1” or 2” padding provides safety from head injuries during falls
  • Organic Green Fill Inlay - Absorbs moisture to keep surface cool to the touch in the Florida heat

Our organic green fill inlay keeps our turf cool to the touch and keeps children's feet and hands safe from hot ground surfaces.

ProFlow System Allows for Superior Drainage, Easy Cleaning

Our patent pending ProFlow drainage system is the result of over three decades of research and development. ProGreen has been in the business since 1987, and has developed a system that drains over 4 times the rate of the average turf!

The ProFlow secondary backing is porous like real soil. It allows for a remarkable amount of drainage without the concern for puddling or turf damage from run-off. Our Playground Optimum Play DF line can drain roughly 400 inches of water per hour, while the average synthetic turf can only manage 60 inches per hour.

Our manufacturer certified installers compact the surface before they apply the product to prevent any inconsistencies.

Our synthetic grass being used at this playground in Orlando, FL

Our product has been engineered over 30 years to create the safest, best synthetic turf possible for children to play on.

Low Maintenance Artificial Grass Cuts Cost of Lawn Care Needs, Stays Perfect Year Round

Every company or organization puts money aside for lawn care costs—but with our artificial turf, the savings will roll in monthly. Our synthetic turf offers the look of perfection year-round and includes an anti-sheen property to prevent light reflection.

With our product, you WON’T need:

  • Irrigation/Sprinklers
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration/Seeding
  • Sod Service
  • Mowing/Trimming/Edging
  • Weed Control

There are only THREE basic maintenance needs for our artificial grass:

  • Blow off debris
  • Spray off excess dirt, pet waste
  • Replenish inlay every 12 - 18 months

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